According to the authors of this article, earth’s changing climate is expected to have significant physical effects on the Oregon coast. These effects may range from increased erosion and inundation of low-lying areas to wetland loss and increased estuarine salinity. Other possible environmental changes associated with climate change include rising sea levels, increased occurrences of severe storms, rising air and water temperatures, and ocean acidification.

This article is an attempt to summarize the most recent literature documenting historical changes as well as what may be expected to occur in response to climate change. Where little information is available, the authors draw preliminary conclusions about the potential for specific impacts. When possible, they highlight what research is needed to bridge knowledge gaps to improve the ability to identify climate change impacts more precisely, ultimately allowing for future projections.

P. Ruggiero et al
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Study indicates that earth's changing climate it expected to have significant physical effects on the Oregon coast.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
58 pp.
Additional authors: C. A. Brown, P. D. Komar, J. C. Allan, D. A. Reusser, and H. Lee, II
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Chapter 6 in Oregon Climate Assessment Report (OCAR) Legislative Summary
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