Jumping Worms: A guide to identifying a new invasive species in the PNW

This guide is intended for master gardeners, amateur gardeners, outdoor hobbyists, anglers, naturalists, educators, parents, and the curious student. It provides information on the invasive jumping worm. This includes the background, identification, impacts, prevention, management and reporting of this species. 

It is important to note the name "jumping worm" commonly refers to three similar species, Amynthas agrestis, Amynthas tokioensis, and Metaphire hilgendorfi. Amynthas agrestis, is known for being the most aggressive and widespread of the three species within the United States, though they often
co-occur. Research compiled for this guide focuses on Amynthas agrestis, but all three species have similar environmental impacts and physical markings. The discovery of any of these three species in the Pacific Northwest should be cause for concern.

Sinichko, Rebecca; Chan, Samuel; Serniak, Linda T.
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18 pages