The 25-minute feature video and four featurettes on this DVD provide an overview of the issues associated with beachfront erosion and building on or buying property on the Oregon coast. "Living on the Edge" is intended for developers, real estate agents, lenders and coastal officials as well as builders, buyers and homeowners. The DVD:

  • Explains the seasonality of sand movement and storms and why erosion occurs.
  • Describes how the seafloor off Oregon is sliding under the continent and lifting up the coast in certain places and how the last major earthquake in the area was in 1700.
  • Talks about which regions of Oregon's coast are rising faster or slower than the global sea level.
  • Discusses how prospective buyers can do due diligence, which can include talking to the local planning office and building inspectors, examining coastal hazard maps, having a geotechnical specialist inspect the site, and finding out if protective barriers to prevent erosion are allowed.
  • Describes some disadvantages to using barriers like riprap and sea walls, and gives an example of a site where willows were planted to prevent erosion.

Insights and recommendations are offered by 13 experts, including an oceanographer, geologists, a developer, planners and real estate agents.

"Living on the Edge" is a co-production of Oregon Sea Grant and the Oregon coastal management program of the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.

The videos in this DVD can also be viewed on Oregon Sea Grant’s YouTube channel. The five videos are:

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