These profiles were created as a result of a collaborative research project conducted during 2007. The project was designed and implemented with the help of the commercial fishing community working in partnership with scientists from Oregon State University (OSU) and Oregon Sea Grant.

The idea for this collaborative project originated in Port Orford, Oregon. The project took an innovative approach and involved members of the fishing community interviewing their own peers, providing a depth of information not frequently available to scientists. The data gathered was intended to supplement NOAA Fisheries “short form” community profiles (see NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS-NWFSC-85). These “long form profiles” contain information not included in NOAA profiles. The intention was to provide information that would help fisheries managers, decision makers, fishing community members, and the public to better understand the communities of Garibaldi, Newport, and Port Orford and the potential impacts of ocean-related policies on their respective fishing communities.

Christina Package and Flaxen Conway
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The other two publications in the "Long Form Fishing Community Profile" series are: Garibaldi, Oregon (ORESU-S-10-001) and Newport, Oregon (ORESU-S-10-002).