Public process is the most important piece of policy or legislation. It is designed to serve a certain, specified goal: to inform the public and give people the opportunity to provide input. In some situations, these goals adequately serve the people and the policy. In other situations, the degree of anticipated or realized conflict, coupled with a lack of existing knowledge of the subject matter, creates a situation where the traditional public process falls short. These situations need engagement, and marine renewable energy falls into this category.

Engagement takes time, commitment, and energy. You have to plan for it, and you have to build your decision-making processes, organization, and goals all around your desire to engage stakeholders. You have to be willing to share the power of decision making and to change your plans accordingly and compromise. In fact, all parties have to be willing to give something to allow the others to gain.

Kaety Hildenbrand
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The process of engaging stakeholders in ocean energy development.
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Friday, January 1, 2010
2 pp.
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Oceanography 23(2):110–111
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