On this disk you'll discover 1) animated, computerized flyovers of the nearshore Oregon continental margin and offshore Oregon in its northeast Pacific setting; 2) a detailed, animated flyover of the Astoria Canyon, a fascinating section of the Oregon margin; 3) a real underwater video view of part of the Astoria Canyon; 4) a video glimpse of another unusual part of the margin near Newport that shows the venting of methane gas out of the ocean floor; 5) an interview with Chris Goldfinger, the Oregon State University researcher who develops flyovers; and 6) a special bonus: "Astoria Canyon," a half-hour special presentation of Oregon Public Broadcasting's "Oregon Field Guide." 2005

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Animated flyovers and underwater video of the deep offshore geography
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Saturday, December 31, 2005
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50 minutes
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Color DVD (subtitled)
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