Climate change carries with it both risk and uncertainty, which makes it a challenge to discuss and an even greater challenge to prepare for. Oregon Sea Grant has joined the climate conversation by listening to coastal residents and trying to address their most pressing questions, with the assistance of topical experts.

Questions addressed by Preparing for Coastal Climate Change include: (1) What's the difference between weather and climate? (2) What tools are used? (3) How can scientists make claims about what the climate will be like 100 years from now if they can't always reliably predict the weather just a few days from now? (4) How is climate change related to storms, El Nino, and rising sea levels? (5) What are some likely erosion effects we can expect to see as a result of these changes? (6) What do "dead zones" have to do with climate change? (7) How might increased levels of carbon dioxide affect sea life? (8) How will storms and flooding affect the landscape in the coming years? (9) What is government's role in helping coastal communities prepare for and respond to climate change? (10) What provisions are there for shoreline protective structures?

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Supported in part by a grant from the NOAA Climate Program Office.