This reference guide is intended as a resource for professional communicators and public educators who work in non-school settings. Such public "engagement" professionals may use it to stimulate behavior change, to understand the theories and models that underlie their professional practice, or to gain insight on how to apply these theories in practice. Those who conduct evaluations or whose work is being evaluated on the basis of changes in behaviors of a target audience may also find it useful.

A substantial range of research information relates to changing people's behaviors. This information, however, is rarely distilled for the non-specialist user, and often the language in the professional literature is directed toward other academics who are already familiar with it. This reference guide is an attempt to level the playing field by providing background so that the practitioner can both access the literature and put it to use.

The other five publications in the "Public Science Communication Research and Practice" series are: Hold that Thought! (ORESU-H-08-005), Expand Your View (ORESU-H-08-006), Mental Models Interviewing for More-Effective Communication (ORESU-H-11-002), Structured Decision Making (ORESU-H-11-001), and An Analysis of a Survey of Oregon Coast Decision Makers Regarding Climate Change (ORESU-S-09-001).

Gwenn Kubeck
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