Oregon Sea Grant and Oregon State University have created the first ever blood panel for ochre sea stars to use as a baseline for detecting sick ones. The tool could help aquarists treat them before they succumb to Sea Star Wasting Syndrome, which causes their limbs to fall off. The cause of the syndrome, which was first seen in the Pacific Northwest in 2013, is unknown. OSU veterinary student Heather Renee Srch-Thaden created the blood panel under the guidance of Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan, an aquatic veterinarian with Oregon Sea Grant Extension, and Dr. Susan Tornquist, dean of OSU's College of Veterinary Medicine. The video was filmed at OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, where the public can touch and learn about sea stars in a tidepool exhibit at the HMSC Visitor Center.

Vanessa Cholewczynski et al.
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4:20 minutes
Filmed and edited by Oregon Sea Grant videographer Vanessa Cholewczynski. Photos by Tim Miller-Morgan and Heather Renee Srch-Thaden.