As an emerging industry, ocean energy (OE) is expected to play a major contributory role to reach long-term global emissions reductions targets. The offshore environment has become the new frontier for renewable energy production with many high-capacity wind parks and other technologies such as tidal and wave energy being increasingly developed. The scale and extent of the ocean renewables industry is unprecedented. Their demands for space places increased pressure on the marine area. This chapter focuses on the interactions and potential conflicts between the ocean energy (OE) sector and other users of the sea, as the incumbent OE section increases the demand for space within the marine landscape. To explore the tensions between the various uses of the marine space and identify potential areas for conflict, we will draw on case studies from North America, Ireland and the United Kingdom, exploring different areas of tension or potential conflict between the OE sector and existing uses. To conclude the chapter, we will discuss key themes emerging from the case studies and literature, together with some recommendations for mitigating conflict between the sectors.

Authors: De Groot, Jiska; Campbell, Maria; Reilly, Kieran; Colton, John; Conway, Flaxen

De Groot, Jiska; et al
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Ocean Energy: Governance Challenges for Wave and Tidal Stream Technologies, Glen Wright, Sandy Kerr, and Kate Johnson, eds., Chapter 10, pp. 169-190, 2018
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21 pages