There is currently no federal policy in the United States that specifically addresses microplastics (MPs) pollution. However, states are beginning to act on this issue; California’s SB 1422 initiates measurements of MPs in drinking water resources and Senate Bill 1263 requires the state to adopt a strategy to reduce the ecological impact of MPs in marine ecosystems. Other West Coast states like Oregon and Washington are expected to follow California’s example. It is important to know what the actors who are a part of shaping MPs policy in Oregon would see as barriers and opportunities to doing so. We conducted semi-structured interviews with a group of stakeholders in Oregon with interests in microplastic pollution and evaluated baseline attitudes towards management. This provides our community partner, Ocean Conservancy, with detailed information on the landscape and priorities for managing MPs pollution in Oregon. Discerning what challenges and data gaps there are to addressing pollution reduction will inform future endeavors to manage MPs in Oregon waterways.

Hurst-Mayr, Maya
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47 pages
Environmental Science and Management Dept., Portland State University