The 2022 Conference is scheduled for November 5 in Newport, OR
at Hatfield Marine Science Center’s new Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building

Oregon's Coastal Conference

Built on a rich history, State of the Coast continues to grow and change annually. Each year it is held in one of Oregon’s beautiful coastal communities, providing participants the opportunity to learn, share, and keep abreast of what’s going on in Oregon’s marine environment. Our goal is to provide relevant and timely content delivered through a variety of useful and fun learning and networking opportunities.

State of the Coast is the coastal conference where everybody from scientists to industries to average citizens can network with, get updates on, and engage in current and future issues and opportunities facing Oregon’s marine environment.

Oregon Sea Grant Working Group

  • Jamie Doyle
  • Megan Kleibacker
  • Stephanie Ichien
  • Renee Fowler

2022 Advisory Committee

  • Sarah Adams-Schoen, UO Law School
  • Heather Brinton,  UO Law School
  • Micheal Boonstra, Oregon State University
  • Aaron Galloway, UO/OIMB
  • Scott Heppell, Oregon State University
  • Bob, Kemp, Fisherman
  • Andy Myers, Oregon State University
  • Jenni Schmitt, South Slough NERR
  • Maya Watts, UO/OIMB
  • Caren Braby, ODFW
  • Charlie Plybon, Surfrider
  • Deanna Caracciolo, Sea & Shore Solutions
  • Cinamon Moffett, Oregon State University