Remembering Our Friend Charles

2020 had already been a hard year in so many ways, and then State of the Coast lost a close friend and colleague in May 2020. Charles Robinson had been the backbone of our arts-and-science integration efforts. He worked with us since the first State of the Coast and helped us grow and see new and exciting ways of including art, of supporting student artists and giving them new opportunities.  He helped us come to know the importance of art as an integral part of our academic community.  In this year, where the conference is having to use creativity to adapt to new spaces, we’re missing him that much more. Charles excelled at using creativity to find solutions and joy. He was instrumental far beyond State of the Coast, but we wanted to take this space to share what he meant to us. We sincerely miss our friend and colleague who, in his quiet way, helped us appreciate the world in new ways.

Remembrance from Marion Rossi (Associate Dean, OSU College of Liberal Arts) here.