Resources for 2021 State of the Coast Presenters

Details for Breakout Sessions, Snapshots, and Student Presenters are included below. Please check back periodically for updates. 

Resources for Breakout Session Presenters

Thank you again for presenting a session at this year’s State of the Coast, and your flexibility as we figure out the virtual details.  

As a reminder, your session will be a break-out, which will be 90 minutes long (extended from the original 75 min). This will be done live, via zoom webinar. In the webinar format, we are able to accommodate more participants, but there are some limitations on interactions (i.e. no breakout rooms and interaction via chat only).  We request that all sessions use the webinar format, but if you prefer the zoom meeting format to allow for breakout rooms and audience interaction in your session, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Panelist test sessions:

  • Wed, October 20 at 9:00 AM 
  • Thurs, October 21 at 3:00PM 
    • We are requesting the moderator and any other panelists that are interested to attend a test session (either 10/20 at 9AM, or 10/21 at 3PM). 
    • The test session will be focused on conference logistics and technical operations. 
    • It is not necessary for your entire group to attend a test session. 

Speaker confirmation, special Zoom access, back-channel communication

  • Fri, October 22: Confirm panelists names and email addresses, along with moderator cell phone
  • Mon, October 25 : All panelists will receive a special Zoom link via email that will allow them access to their breakout session.  
    • On the day of the conference, panelists should log into the breakout session with their special link, not through the general link that will be available on the conference website.  
    • To ensure that all panelists receive their unique link, please double check the list of panelists and email addresses sent via email and let us know if there are any errors by Fri, Oct 22.  
    • We’ve found that using text as a back-channel way to communicate technical issues during the session works better than relying on the chat function in Zoom or email. 
    • Please provide the cell phone number for at least ONE representative from your panel by Fri, Oct 22.  

Audience polling

  • Tues, October 26: Poll questions due (optional)
  • Poll questions can be a fun audience engagement tool to consider, but are not required.  We are not able to create polls on the fly, all questions would need to be loaded into Zoom in advance. 
  • Please submit poll questions to us no later than Tuesday, Oct 26.

Sharing presentations and videos:

  • Wed, October 27: Presentation and videos files submitted (encouraged, not required)
  • All panelists will have the ability to share their screens to show attendees any PowerPoint slides, video clips or audio clips during your session.  
  • In the event of a technical issue, the SOTC team will be able to share the visuals. For the SOTC team to help with screen share, files must be shared with us no later than Wed, Oct 27.

Running your session; how to start, and when to end

  • Please double-check the date/time for your session in email communications.
  • Panelists should log into their session via their unique Zoom link 10-15 minutes early. Before the webinar goes live, panelists will enter a Zoom practice session, which is not visible to the general audience.  The webinar will go live a minute or two after the advertised start time.  
  • An SOTC team member will start with 2-3 minutes of Zoom housekeeping and announcements before we turn it over to you to introduce your panelists. 
  • Breakouts will run for 90 min. To keep the conference running smoothly, sessions will need to end on time.  
  • Attendees will not have the ability to speak during the webinar, therefore all questions must be typed into the QA box, which you and your fellow panelists will be able to view and respond to.  As moderator, you are expected to facilitate any live QA with your panelists.
  • As moderator we ask you to be mindful of your presentation time and allow time for panelists to address questions.  As needed, we will provide prompts to help track time during your panel to ensure it ends on time.

Registration reminder

  • Before October 28: Register for the conference
  • If members of your panel are planning to participate in State of the Coast outside of their breakout session, they will need to register by early next week.  Their special presenter Zoom log-in (which will go out on Mon, Oct 25) will ONLY work for their specific session, not the general conference . 

Resources for Snapshot Presenters

Thank you again for being willing to present at this year’s State of the Coast, and your flexibility as we figure out the virtual details.  

As a reminder, your presentation is a “snapshot”, which is a 10 minute presentation. We will be doing these pre-recorded followed by live Q&A session after your presentation. 

By October 14th, we are asking for you to:

  • Provide a final title for your talk (it’s just a place-holder for now)
  • Provide a brief description that we can use on the website
  • Make sure we have correctly spelled everything!
  • Send a headshot and bio for the SoTC conference website (if you choose)

For your presentation: Please submit your 10 minute recording by October 22nd.  If you are using your phone and talking without visuals, here are a few tips. If you are planning to use visuals, we suggest that you make your recording in zoom, with the camera on so that the viewers can see you speaking. This resource may offer some tips on how to record your talk via Zoom.  Please reach out if you need additional assistance.

Resources for Accepted Student Presenters

  • PLEASE CONTACT US BY OCTOBER 22nd or earlier if you cannot attend the conference in person
  • Confirm presentation title
  • Register for the conference
  • October 20th, 10:00AM OR 5:00PM 
  • October 22nd  – please also send us a headshot photo 
  • October 22nd  – submit your 2-3 minute presentation recording (this can be done via a file sharing application such as dropbox, box, or Google drive. Just send the link for us to download.)

For your presentation: Please submit a 2-3 minute recording by October 22nd.  If you are using your phone and talking without computer visuals, here are a few tips. If you are planning to use visuals (e.g a PowerPoint presentation or Prezi), we suggest that you make your recording in zoom, with the camera on so that the viewers can see you speaking. The following resources may offer some tips on how to record your talk via Zoom.  Please reach out if you need additional assistance. 

  1. This resource is from the University of Oklahoma
  2. This is guidance that was made available for presenters at American Fisheries Society virtual meeting

Guidance for presentations:

  • 2-3 minutes maximum. We will not accept any over 3 minutes.
  • Slide limits. No more than 5 slides of content, plus 2 additional for title and acknowledgement if you choose. (Note, visuals do not have to mean “powerpoint”, it can be anything you choose to convey your work. Videos, drawings, photos, etc.).
    • For student artists, visuals can include videos, in-progress sketches, photos, etc. It is also effective to speak and hold your art work, tools and/or your set-up, and talk about these things, slides are not always necessary/better.
  • This is essentially an elevator speech about your work, and similar to how much time you would have during a poster session. Being able to talk about your work in a few minutes is a useful skill. 
  • Avoid copyrighted materials (e.g., images), as these will be online for some length of time.
  • Please include your face while you are talking, audiences like to see the presenter.
  • Remember that the audience that attends this conference is MIXED: public, fishermen, agency scientists and managers, academic and other scientists, business and government leaders, etc. 
  • Presentations will be judged on how well the information is communicated to this mixed audience. Judges will be considering both the visuals of your presentation and verbally how you communicate with folks about your work. 
  • Student awards will be announced after the conference. Good luck!
  • Have fun! Smile. Don’t take life too seriously when you are recording.

Guidance on presentation content. Tell the viewer:

  • Who you are
  • What you study for Research Student or What type of art you created for Art presenters
  • Why it’s important/important to you. And explain why other Oregonians should care about this topic, too!
    • For artists, include what motivated you to create this work, and how it links to the Oregon coast.
  • How you conducted your research (methods) for research students or how you created your piece for artists.
  • What you learned from your research, or if not yet completed what you hypothesize you’ll learn
    • For artists, what you learned from the process of creating your work.

Tips on how to Download from myMedia for OSU students:

  • Actions (bottom right of video)
  • Choose “Edit” from the drop down
  • Choose Downloads (middle tab)
  • Choose format quality, and select save
  • Click “Go to Media” (to the right of save)
  • Select Download (middle tab)
This is how the student session will run during the conference:
  • An Oregon Sea Grant representative will provide a brief introduction to the session.

  • Each student will then give a brief introduction. This should be 30-60 seconds.

  • After introductions, you will enter the breakout room with your name on it and address questions from attendees that join you in your breakout room.

  • Breakout rooms will be open for Q&A for about 45min. Please remain in your breakout room for the duration of the session. Keep in mind that, similar to in-person poster sessions, there may be times when you are alone.

    • Please have your cameras on

    • You may share links to documents, figures, etc in the chat

    • We recommend that you limit the time you are sharing your screen so that there is as much face to face interaction as possible

  • The session will end once the breakout rooms close.

Student Session Assignments
October 28--11:00AM October 29--10:30AM
  • Bryan Gaspich
  • MacKenna Hainey
  • Dylan Heppell
  • Jennifer Hesser
  • David Kemp
  • Annie Merrill
  • Mendez Rufa
  • Jessica French
  • Laura Baker
  • Jennifer Beaullieu
  • Marcus Chacknova
  • Chloe DaMommio
  • Emily Griffith
  • Tate Scarpaci
  • Anne Wolke
  • Alexandra Avila
  • Elissa Connolly-Randazzo
  • Maddie English
  • Montana McLeod
  • Rebecca Smoak
  • Rhianna Thurber
  • Laura Vary
  • Risa Askerooth
  • Brenden Catt
  • Laurel Field
  • Reagan Thomas
  • Carson Williams
  • Petra Zuñiga