Karina Nielsen
Karina Nielsen earned a Ph.D. in zoology from OSU in 1998
A gray whale surfaces near a boat.
IndividuWhale.com was funded partly by Oregon Sea Grant
Blood is drawn from a sablefish
Funded by Oregon Sea Grant, the research may advance efforts to farm the lucrative groundfish
Shelby Walker speaks at a podium
Shelby Walker will help oversee infrastructure at the NSF’s Geosciences Directorate
Angee Doerr leads a Shop at the Dock tour in Newport
Oregon Sea Grant's tours teach people about fisheries and the fleet
People build Lego structures in a tsunami wave tank.
New exhibits have been installed at Oregon Sea Grant's Visitor Center
A jumping worm wiggles on a white background.
Oregon Sea Grant's Sam Chan says the worms eat more leaf litter than others
sign says native caught fresh fish
Video from Oregon Sea Grant and Extension offers tips on buying fish
beach grasses by ocean
Funded by Oregon Sea Grant, a study found that the hybrid is a first-generation blend
Riprap is stacked in front of buildings.
Funded partly by Oregon Sea Grant, researchers simulated flooding and erosion under various policy and climate scenarios
western pearlshell mussels in water
Oregon Sea Grant funded the research on pesticides in oysters, estuarine clams and freshwater mussels
oyster shells in large baskets rest on the sand.
Oregon Sea Grant is a partner on the project