Chris Langdon, an aquaculture researcher at Oregon State University, shows off the patented strain of Palmaria mollis that he developed.
Flat, mesh panels – a new technique – will be used to farm the seaweed
OSU's Pacific Storm ship
With funding from Oregon Sea Grant, students are learning to collect plankton and sediment, track whales and detect green sturgeons
Alan Haynes, former OSU student and intern at Widmer Brothers Brewing, stands in front of brewery tanks holding award for pollution prevention
Portland’s Widmer Brothers Brewing has won a national award for pollution prevention, thanks in part to an intern who was an engineering student at Oregon State University.
creek flows through forest
Project aims to see if different forestry regulations result in different amounts and types of chemicals in oysters and clams
Sarah Seabrook talks to Leigh Torres at a conference
With Oregon Sea Grant funding, researchers conduct focus groups to gauge attitudes about exploiting and protecting Oregon's deep ocean floor
tsunami evacuation sign by hill
In Newport, about 70 people participated in 6 mock tsunami evacuations
Aquarium tanks at HMSC
Contractors replaced rusting metal stands then sculpted concrete rock around them
Leigh Torres holds a drone
Drones, microphones, photos and fecal samples determine if noise is stressing out whales
Chris Langdon, an aquaculture researcher at Oregon State University
With funding from Sea Grant, researchers will fill liposomes with nutrients
shorecrab (Hemigrapsus oregonensis)
Crabs showed less concern for predators and fought more with their own species
Student Kaegan Scully-Engelmeyer explains his research while standing in front of a poster
Research will include studying the effects of ocean acidification on Oregon pink shrimp and Dungeness crabs
plastics on beach
One researcher concluded that each day, 62 to 65 kilograms of an anti-diabetic drug reach the Pacific Ocean from the Columbia River