plastic trash on beach
Researchers at Portland State University have found what they think are tiny plastic fibers in about 120 Pacific oysters from the Oregon coast.
Anika Sarkar
Interns interview employees, study the lifecycles of products, and tour manufacturing and processing facilities
salt marsh
Study found that the rate at which the ocean rose impacted the rate at which sediment accumulated
People kayak on coast
Oregon Sea Grant's Miles Phillips helped create trainings for tour guides and employees
fisherman with crab
Over 1,200 people have participated in tours in Newport, Warrenton and Garibaldi since 2014
A cat participates in a training class at Oregon State University.
61 percent of 103 veterinary professionals said they do not talk about discarding pet care products and medicines
Flaxen Conway and Ted Strub next to a computer
Website predicts wave height, salinity, surface currents and other sea conditions
oysters on the half shell
NOAA's Sea Grant program provides $725,000 in funding
Chris Langdon holds up some seaweed
Flat, mesh panels – a new technique – will be used to farm the seaweed
OSU's Pacific Storm ship
With funding from Oregon Sea Grant, students are learning to collect plankton and sediment, track whales and detect green sturgeons
Alan Haynes, former OSU student and intern at Widmer Brothers Brewing, stands in front of brewery tanks holding award for pollution prevention
Portland’s Widmer Brothers Brewing has won a national award for pollution prevention, thanks in part to an intern who was an engineering student at Oregon State University.
creek flows through forest
Project aims to see if different forestry regulations result in different amounts and types of chemicals in oysters and clams