Dave Hansen

Extension Outreach and Engagement Leader
[email protected]

Office: 541-737-2737
Fax: 541-737-7958

University Plaza

University Plaza 330

1600 SW Western Boulevard

1600 SW Western Boulevard
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Affiliated with: 
Oregon Sea Grant
OSU Main Campus

Dave Hansen is a member of Oregon Sea Grant's leadership team, and oversees our large and diverse outreach and public engagement team, including Sea Grant Extension faculty on the coast and on campus with expertise in a wide range of matters related to Oregon's ocean and coastal resources, natural and human. In addition, he manages our small team of professional science communicators who serve the program's needs for print, Web, video and other media to inform and educate the public.

Dave also spent the first half of 2016 serving as Interim Associate Provost of the Division and Associate Director of the OSU Extension Service during the search for a new Extension leader.

He came to Oregon Sea Grant in 2010 from the University of Delaware, where he was an associate professor of soil and environmental quality and Extension Program Leader for the Agriculture and Natural Resources program. He earned a Ph.D. from Iowa State University in Soil Science and Water Resources and has been involved with regional water quality issues on the East Coast since 1999.

Additional Activities:

Sea Grant Extension Assembly