Miranda Gray

Extension South Coast Water Resources Educator
[email protected]

Curry County Fairgrounds

29390 Ellensburg Avenue PO Box 488

29390 Ellensburg Avenue
PO Box 488
Gold Beach, OR 97444

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Miranda Gray is an Oregon Sea Grant Extension agent with Oregon State University based on the South Coast. Miranda focuses on issues related to water supply, surface and groundwater quality, and community access to clean water along the south coast. She develops educational programs and resources that help people understand coastal water issues, factors affecting access to water, how freshwater resources are managed, and the trade-offs of different management approaches. An important part of her job is building relationships with underserved communities and supporting their resilience. Miranda’s areas of expertise and interest lie in stakeholder collaboration, participatory science, watershed restoration, geospatial analysis, project management, and grant writing.

Originally from New Mexico, Miranda received a BA in Mathematics from Macalester College and an MS in Environmental Science and Policy from Northern Arizona University. Prior to her appointment with Oregon State, she was the South Coast Watershed Council Coordinator.