Tania Siemens

Extension Aquatic Invasive Species Education
[email protected]

Office: 541-914-0701

University Plaza

University Plaza 336

1600 SW Western Boulevard

1600 SW Western Boulevard
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Affiliated with: 
Oregon Sea Grant
OSU Main Campus
Beyond OSU

Tania Siemens works on aquatic invasive species and watershed health programs and projects.

  • WISE (Watershed and Invasive Species Education) teacher training and stewardship program coordinator
  • Aquatic invasive species identification and prevention education and outreach for teachers and natural-resource managers
  • Regional Aquatic Invasive Species Collaborative Initiative coordinator
  • Coordinates Aquatic Invasive Species Education Tool Kit development and use
  • Boater attitudes and practices in preventing the spread of invasive species
  • Developing and supporting Communities of Practice for STEM Education