Student Kaegan Scully-Engelmeyer explains his research while standing in front of a poster


By Mark Floyd

Oregon Sea Grant is awarding nearly $1.1 million in competitive, federally funded grants for five marine-related research projects in 2018-20.

The grants will go to three lead scientists at Oregon State University, one at the University of Oregon, and one at Portland State University.

"Oregon Sea Grant is committed to supporting the science needed to address challenges facing our coastal communities and ecosystems,” said Shelby Walker, the director of Oregon Sea Grant. “These projects reflect a broad array of issues important to the future of coastal Oregonians, communities and our environment."

The following are the five projects:

  • Determining the Response of Oregon Pink Shrimp Larvae to Ocean Acidification and Warming, (see Biennial Projects: 20108-20) George Waldbusser, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, OSU.
  • Scientists and Fishermen Characterize Changes in Oregon’s Nearshore Fish Assemblages, Lorenzo Ciannelli, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, OSU.
  • Demographic Change in Oregon’s Seafood Processing Workforce, Marta Maria Maldonado, School of Language, Culture and Society, OSU.
  • Effects of Ocean Acidification on Behavior, Development and Nutritional Value of Young Dungeness Crab, Aaron Galloway, UO.
  • Links Between Forestry Practices and Oregon’s Estuarine Shellfish, Elise Granek, Environmental Science and Management, PSU.

As part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s nationwide Sea Grant College Program, Oregon Sea Grant receives a share of congressionally appropriated research dollars every two years to award via a competitive process to university-based scientists studying ocean and coastal issues important to the region and the nation.