Oregon Sea Grant's vision is one of thriving coastal communities and ecosystems in Oregon. We achieve this vision by serving as a catalyst that promotes discovery, understanding and resilience for Oregon coastal communities and ecosystems.

Established at Oregon State University in 1971, Oregon Sea Grant is one of 34 programs within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Sea Grant College Program, which Congress created in 1966. We are funded by federal and state appropriations, as well as project-specific contributions from local governments and industry.

We address regionally and nationally strategic issues through an integrated program of competitive, rigorously reviewed research, public outreach and engagement, and ocean and coastal education. Oregon’s marine resource users are key partners to the program. We support dynamic, inventive, and flexible approaches to meet the needs of communities in changing natural and social environments.

Everything the program does is driven by an ethic of public service, and the program uses various approaches to engage our constituents. An advisory council of marine industry and coastal community leaders provides guidance on program directions and progress. We collaborate with community, industry and conservation groups, teachers and their students, resource managers and political leaders to develop and provide the public with information based on sound research and innovative science. We value community, the worth of individuals, fairness and integrity, and innovation.

Oregon Sea Grant’s work focuses on:
* Ecological, social, and economic aspects of coastal and marine conservation and industry
* Resilience to acute and chronic coastal and marine hazards
* Human and natural dimensions of coastal and marine fisheries
* Cultural beliefs, learning, and valuation of coastal and marine issues

For more information about Oregon Sea Grant, please visit our 2024-2027 Oregon Sea Grant Strategic Plan (pdf).