Outreach and public engagement are integral to everything Oregon Sea Grant does. They are the tools we use to ensure that our work is not only relevant to society but directly connected with it.

Our Oregon Sea Grant Extension teams are our primary means of engaging with stakeholders and the broader public:

  • Working directly with community, industry and resource stakeholders on critical issues of importance to the region
  • Creating and distributing print and digital publications, videos and applications that inform Oregonians about the ocean and coastal issues and topics, including how we might prepare for earthquakes, tsunamis, and a changing climate.

We require scientists who seek Sea Grant support to include public outreach/engagement elements in their research proposals. Many researchers find that working directly with the people whose lives and livelihoods are most affected by the subject at hand adds depth and understanding to the science they pursue.

Our Extension and communications professionals can help them connect with coastal residents and decision-makers and incorporate their viewpoints and expertise into research projects.