Visitors to the Oregon coast may find a new publication from Oregon Sea Grant useful when strolling the docks or watching commercial fishers at work. "Boats of the Oregon Coast," a pocket-size field guide, depicts and describes 18 different fishing and service vessels seen along the Oregon coast. The booklet's drawings, concise descriptions and size make it ideal for port and marina tours from Astoria to Brookings. Also included in the 52-page booklet is a short history of Oregon fisheries, illustrated with historic photos and accompanied by a timeline of important dates in the development of Oregon's commercial fishing industry.

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Pat Corcoran et al
Product Number: 
Year of Publication: 
52 pp.
Size and Format: 
5.5 x 4.25 inches, coil bound, paper.
Additional authors: Ginny Goblirsch, Paul Heikkila, Kaety Hildenbrand, Steve Theberge, Michael Thompson, and Jim Waldvogel.