In Oregon, the strength of the commercial fishing industry is the basis for resilient coastal communities. The objective of this project is to explore perceptions of community resiliency through examination of the “graying of the fleet” phenomenon in Oregon. This phenomenon denotes an increase in the average age of commercial fishermen, resulting in part from a lack of young entrants into the industry. Graying of the fleet can be connected to several overlying themes including rationalization in fisheries management, dynamic social influences, and the complex role of cultural heritage within fishing communities. This connection is examined through the use of two complementary, yet occasionally conflicting social lenses – perceptions from the “community of place” and “community of interest” – in order to provide a more thorough, nuanced understanding of the impacts of this phenomenon.

Authors: Lori A.Cramer; Courtney Flathers; Deanna Caracciolo; Suzanne M.Russell; Flaxen Conway

Cramer, Lori A.; et al
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Marine Policy; Volume 96, October 2018, pp. 27-35
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9 pages