It is estimated that there is a one-in-five probability that a large earthquake will occur off the Oregon coast within the next 50 years. Such an earthquake could cause a devastating tsunami.

Fishermen and other mariners have special concerns when preparing for earthquakes and tsunamis. Sometimes valuable boats can be moved to a safer area upriver or at sea, but at other times it can be extremely dangerous being anywhere near your vessel. The key to knowing what to do in your particular situation is to understand the two different kinds of tsunamis: (1) those generated by distant earthquakes and (2) those generated by a large local earthquake.

Tsunami Awareness for Fishermen and Mariners describes what happens when a distant or local earthquake strikes, and tells you what to do in case of a tsunami, whether you’re on a boat, in port, or at home. It also makes recommendations for a family communication plan, in the event that you become separated from family members during a tsunami.

Patrick Corcoran and Kaety Hildenbrand
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How to determine the difference between a distant versus local earthquake and what to do in each instance.
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Monday, January 1, 2007
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8 1/2 x 14, trifold.
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Out of print. Archived copy available upon request.