Riley Hoy

OASE Intern at Bold Reuse

Industry: Reusable Foodware
Project Type: Hazardous Waste Reduction
Location: Portland, OR
Major/University: International Relations, American University

Project Summary

Riley’s internship at Bold Reuse, a reusable foodware company, focused on reducing hazardous waste in the dishwashing and cleaning processes by analyzing the toxic chemicals and ingredients in their cleaning supplies.

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Potential Impacts

If Bold Reuse implemented Riley’s suggestions, they could annually:



Money Saved


806 lbs.

Reduced hazardous waste


Bold Reuse is a company with 11 employees that washes and distributes reusable foodware for restaurants and grocery stores. A crucial part of reusable foodware is dishwashing and cleaning, and the company wanted to find safe and effective ways to clean without using hazardous chemicals. Integrating products formulated with green chemistry or fewer toxic chemicals can help reduce pollution at its source and significantly decrease the risks posed by hazardous chemicals to workers involved in the cleaning process.


Riley conducted a chemical inventory and suggested ways to reduce hazardous waste in dishwashing soap and cleaners to promote safe and effective chemicals for employees and consumers. Riley made two recommendations to reduce hazardous waste at Bold Reuse:

  • Switch foodware dishwashing soaps, sticker removal chemicals, and floor cleaners to Safer Choice products that contain fewer toxic chemicals to reduce the amount of hazardous waste produced
  • Purchase hot water sanitization equipment to decrease the need for hazardous cleaners