The following are two-page PDFs about some of Oregon Sea Grant's outreach and funded research in the 2000s.

Remodeled Visitor Center is strong on hands-on exhibits - July 2000

Researchers discover key to successful abalone cultivation - July 2000

Sea Grant research leads to "fine-tuned" heating of wide array of foods - September 2002

OSU researcher develops test to determine fecal-pollution source - September 2002

Ornamental fish program helps people keep their pet fishes healthy - March 2003

Hatfield Marine Science Center’s Sea Fest opens an ocean of discovery - March 2003

Sea Grant research leads to big improvements in oyster production - September 2003

Extension Sea Grant outreach serves broad constituency - September 2003

Restoring watersheds and salmon habitat - October 2003

Citizen advisory council offers knowledge and perspective - January 2004

Graduate students explore relationship of salmonids with estuary - September 2004

Research explores effects of marine bacteria on toxic algae - September 2004

Integrating estuaries in a whole watershed perspective on salmon - October 2004

Developing the art and science of free-choice learning - October 2004

Sea Grant offers graduate students experience and financial support - January 2005

Watershed Extension program helps citizens implement the Oregon Plan - February 2005

Electric experts plot ways to use wave potential - February 2005

Researcher seeks ways to get more value from fewer fish - February 2005

Survey results give insight into public attitudes about coastal issues - March 2005

Grooming a new generation of scientists - March 2005

Sparking a Business and Information Technology (BIT) initiative - June 2005

Understanding the role of parasites in salmon mortality - February 2006

Study helps reduce length of beach closures due to contamination - September 2006

Coastal Storms Program helps residents prepare for severe weather - February 2007

Tiny capsules may lead to big advances for aquaculture - October 2007

Fishermen monitor pregnant fish to aid conservation - September 2009

Early gear-retrieval project helps secure stimulus funds - December 2009

Invasives education: Putting Oregonians on the lookout - January 2010

Sea Grant researcher creates Pacific Fishing History Project - October 2010

Salmon otoliths reveal increased use of estuary following dike removal - January 2011

Oregon Sea Grant helps coastal residents prepare for tsunamis - April 2011