Adults and children Quest in a cemetery
Quests are fun, free-choice learning adventures that use clues and hints to encourage participants to discover the natural, cultural and historical "treasures" of place and community. This edition contains 27 quests along the Oregon coast.
A seawall breaks away from a cliff dute to erosion. The edge of a home butts up to the space where the seawall use to be.
This online tool compiles case studies on alternatives to typical erosion control measures and approaches to acute and chronic coastal hazards.
On a clear day, a coastal river rushes out into the ocean over rocks. A small seastack is in the background.
In this video, six people describe how Oregon Sea Grant has been making a difference in the areas of fishing, science, education and marine policy.
A screen shot from the Summer Scholars 2021 Symposium shows a photo of sea stacks
This symposium is the culmination of Oregon Sea Grant's 10-week undergraduate summer program. Summer scholars share their experiences and the projects that they completed over the summer.
Chris Langdon holding red seaweed
This study assessed the productivity of the red alga plantlets immobilized on a vertical array of mesh panels in aerated tank culture.
Aerial view of Cape Falcon on the Oregon coast
This paper provides a model for understanding the attitudes and beliefs that foster public support for or opposition to marine protections.