Mark your calendar! November 9, 2019 - Salishan Resort - Gleneden Beach, Oregon

The student poster session is a dedicated time when conference participants can view posters and interact with student researchers as they explain their marine-related research and results. This is a chance for students to showcase their research, gain professional experience, and network.

Annual Student Poster Session!

State of the Coast invites contributions from advanced undergraduates (juniors or seniors), recent graduates and graduate students.

We welcome poster submissions from any discipline related to issues and opportunities facing the marine environment: biology, anthropology, law, engineering, policy, chemistry, business, ecology, environmental science, management, and more!

See examples of research posters

Rules and Guidelines

Posters are judged on two things:

  1. The design and ability of the poster to effectively visually communicate research in an accessible way to a broad audience with mixed interests.
  2. The presenter’s ability to verbally communicate research in an effective way to a broad audience with mixed interests.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Title of the poster
  2. Student name
  3. Institution, department, degree, and anticipated graduation year
  4. Contact information
  5. Co-authors (indicate advisor)
  6. Abstract (250-word limit)
  7. Indicate whether this is ongoing work or completed work
  8. One poster submission per student