We recognize that the world is changing quickly, and that State of the Coast will likely look different this year as we collectively respond to COVID-19, although we do not yet know in what ways. We will keep you updated to any changes as they occur. 

Author, Bonnie Henderson was the keynote speaker at the 2019 State of the Coast Conference. 


Last Year's 2019 State of the Coast Progam 

Keynote Speaker - BONNIE HENDERSON

Bonnie Henderson is the author of several coastal books, including the critically acclaimed The Next Tsunami: Living on a Restless Coast. Her 2008 book, Strand: An Odyssey of Pacific Ocean Debris was listed as a Best Book of 2008 by the Seattle Times and was a finalist for the 2009 Oregon Book Awards. She has also authored two popular hiking guidebooks: Best Hikes with Kids: Oregon and Day Hiking: Oregon Coast. As an expert on the Oregon Coast Trail, Bonnie will share her personal and professional coastal journeys, and challenge us to consider the Oregon coast we want now and in the future.

Coastal Snapshots 

  1. Managing Oregon’s Coastal Rocky Habitat  – Deanna Caracciolo, DLCD
  2. Another Warm Blob? – Laurie Weitkamp, NOAA
  3. Making Oregon Oregon: Some Living Legacies of Gov. Tom McCall – Marion Rossi, OSU
  4. Underwater in Oregon’s Marine Reserves – Cristen Don, ODFW
  5. What’s Up with Sea Star Wasting? – Sarah Gravem, OSU
  6. Whales on the West Coast — John Calambokidis, Cascadia Research
  7. West Coast groundfish - The best comeback story since Rocky — Jana Hennig, Positively Groundfish

Breakout Session #1

  1. The Art of the Seal: Wildlife Illustrations that Educate –Ram Papish (Wildlife Illustrator)
    You've seen colorful interpretive panels on State Parks and other public lands along our coast. Learn about the process of creating these informational panels and see how illustrations help provide insights to coastal nature that are difficult to express in photographs or written word. 
  1. Positive Changes in Fisheries Management – Christian Heath (invited - ODFW), Scott Groth (ODFW), and Jana Hennig (Positively Groundfish)
    Fishing gear and management may look static, but they are often highly inventive and iterative.  Come to this session to hear examples from both recreational (long-leader) and commercial (pink shrimp and groundfish) fisheries on creative solutions that have had positive outcomes.
  1. Envisioning Coastal Livability – Charlie Plybon (Surfrider), Tiffiny Mitchell (State Representative, Dist 32), Kaety Jacobson (Lincoln County Commissioner), Ryan Parker (Newport City Council), Jim Tooke (Yachats City Council)
    If you live and work at the coast, you’ve probably been in conversations where topics like housing affordability and availability, transient lodging, elderly and child care, and water quality/pollution have come into the discussion. In this session, coastal leaders from diverse levels will discuss these topics with you and each other. Come engage in being part of finding solutions to challenges facing the coastal communities we love.
  1. Pollution, Plastics, and Policies, Oh My– Susanne Brander (OSU Env. Toxicology),  Aimee Thompson (Thompson’s Sanitary Service), and Briana Goodwin (Surfrider)
    We all want to do learn about what we can do about plastic pollution on a personal level. Come get informed and engage in a dialogue with people who are working hard to understand the science, practice, and policy regarding this critically-important topic. 

Breakout Session #2 

  1. The Whole Whale– Amanda Gladics (Oregon Sea Grant), John Corbin (Oregon crab fisherman), John Calambokidis (Cascadia Research), Lisa Ballance (OSU Marine Mammal Institute)
    There is so much going on with whales off the West Coast! Get caught-up on the latest science in whale research, mortality events, and fishing perspectives on the impacts of increasing entanglements.  

  1. Stream habitat and salmonids in the Mid Coast– Mark Stone and Kelsey Miller (Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District)
    Join staff from Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District as they take participants on a 23 year journey of habitat monitoring and recovery, using beautiful images from some of the special places this work has taken them. Experience the mid-coast in a whole new way and learn how habits have changed as a result of restoration.

  1. Designing a Local Seafood System from Scratch– Laura Anderson (Local Ocean Seafoods)
    Imagine that for several weeks, food couldn’t be shipped into or out of your coastal town. The good news is that with thoughtful planning and working together, the hardworking people of the coast could provide each other with the healthy, local food assets that exists there. In this session you will work in small groups to design a hyper-local seafood supply chain to feed your coastal community. Come engage in this fun and active session.
  1. Complex and Connected: Holistic Approaches to Management in the Nearshore– Steve Rumrill (ODFW),  Sarah Gravem (OSU Marine Ecologist), Dom Kone (OSU Marine Resource Management), and  Deanna Caracciolo (DLCD)
    Taking a holistic management approach to Oregon’s rocky intertidal habitat, and the species that are or could be there, requires recognizing the complexity and connectedness of human and non-human species over geographic and temporal scale. Come join a lively discussion on this dynamic, changing system.