State of the Coast is scheduled to be at the Seaside Convention Center on October 30, 2021, and we’re crossing our fingers that we might be able to meet in person. Whatever the format is (virtual, in-person, or hybrid) we are still planning a great program this year. 

Links to the available recordings from the 2020 conference are below.

Dr. Leigh Torres was the keynote speaker for the 2020 State of the Coast Conference

2020 State of the Coast Program

Download a printable PDF of the 2020 SOTC Program here and recordings will be hyperlinked below as they are available.

Thursday November 5th

8:30 am  -   Welcome & Keynote "Illuminating the many shades of gray whale life in Oregon waters"

Dr. Leigh Torres will present an overview of her lab’s research on gray whales in Oregon waters. Over the past six years, Leigh and her students in the GEMM Lab within the Marine Mammal Institute at Oregon State University have developed multiple projects that apply various complementary tools to address multidisciplinary questions regarding gray whale health, ecology, stress, prey, habitat use, and behavior. This presentation will describe the goals, methods, and results gained from these collaborative projects. We still have many unanswered questions, and this presentation will highlight what we have learned so far, and where we are headed next.

9:45 am   -   Snapshots

  1. More Than a Tradition: Treaty rights and the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission - Zach Penney, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
  2. Oregon and Renewable Marine Energy- Bryson Robertson, Oregon State University
  3. Exploring Oregon! Introducing the Oregon Shore Explorer - Adrian E. Laufer, Dept. of Land Conservation and Development
  4. Research on developing bottom trawl gear that has reduced bottom contact - Mark Lomeli, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

11:00 am   -   Breakouts (2 breakout options; 75 mins)

  1. Emerging contaminants in Oregon’s coastal waters
    • Overview and Intro: Elise Granek - Portland State University
    • Britta Baechler - Ocean Conservancy
    • Amy Ehrhart -  Portland State University
    • Kaegan Scully Engelmeyer - Portland State University
    • Sara Hutton - Oregon State University 
    • Samreen Siddiqui  - Oregon State University 
    • Wrap up and discussion lead: Susanne Brander, Oregon State University 
  2. Assessing benthic habitat impacts and recovery processes in association with major changes in spatial management of fisheries off the Oregon coast
    • Moderator: Waldo Wakefield, Oregon State University
    • Scott Marion, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
    • Clare Reimers, Oregon State University
    • Brad Pettinger, Oregon Commercial Fishermen


Friday November 6th

8:30 am   -   Welcome & Snapshots

  1. The Newport Hydrographic Line: Sixty years of learning from an imaginary line in Oregon’s ocean - Nancy Steinberg, Oregon State University
  2. A wild grass chase: the discovery of a hybrid beachgrass on the Pacific Northwest coast - Rebecca Mostow, Oregon State University
  3. COVID-19 in Marine Mammals? - Carla Schubiger, Oregon State University

9:15 am    -   Student Session - View the Book of Student Abstracts & Art

10:15 am   -   Breakouts (2 options; 75 minutes)

C.  Oregon Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Awareness - Communicating in a Changing World

  • Moderator: Charlotte Whitefield - Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
  • Jack Barth  - Oregon State University  
  • Caren Braby - Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
  • Flaxen Conway - Oregon State Univeristy/Oregon Sea Grant
  • Carolyn Fish – University of Oregon
  • Francis Chan – Oregon State University
  • Jessie Turner – International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification

D.  Converge: Art, Community, and Science--a look at HMSC's 1% for Arts

  • Moderator: Ryan Burghard, Oregon Arts Commission & Artist
  • Michael Boonstra, Artist & Oregon State University
  • Joe Thurston, Artist
  • Sean Healy, Artist
  • Jessica Nickel, Curator

11:45 am   -   Breakouts (2 options; 75 minutes)

E.  2020 on the Coast: COVID-19 and other impacts

  • Moderator: Shelby Walker, Oregon Sea Grant
  • Arnie Roblan, Senator Oregon District 5
  • Chris Havel, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
  • Lori Steele, West Coast Seafood Processors Association
  • Health care/Health Agency (TBC)

F.  Envisioning a Resilient Oregon Coast; poll results; session chat log; breakout group notesproject website.

  • Moderator: Peter Ruggiero - Oregon State University
  • John Bolte - Oregon State University
  • Jenna Tilt -  Oregon State University
  • Meredith Leung – Oregon State University
  • Dylan Sanderson – Oregon State University

1:00 pm   -    End of Conference

A detailed program for this year's conference will be available soon. To view programs from previous conferences visit the SOTC Archives.