Welcome to Aquatic Invasions!

The Menace to the West is an educational resource for teachers, informal educators, parents, and students grades K-12 on aquatic invasive species.

These materials are designed to teach K-12 students how invasive species can do untold damage when they move to new territory. Kits, resources, and full lessons are available.

A Curriculum for Learning and Action on Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic Invasions! A Menace to the West is a product of the West Coast Sea Grant WISE Program and includes a comprehensive curriculum of STEAM-based lessons, species guides, and activities intended to help educators integrate aquatic invasive species learning into their classrooms, outdoor school, zoo programs or camps. 

Why aquatic invaders? Aquatic invasive species are fascinating organisms that pique students' interest. They represent a lens through which we can understand other processes in our world such as water quality, climate change, and globalization.

Accessible, hands-on learning. Teachers and students need to look no further than their local playground, stream or estuary to find examples of invasives species that are affecting their community. Surrounded by invaders, students have an opportunity to take action.

Student empowerment. Aquatic invasive species affect and respond to other critical issues of concern to our society, such as human health, climate change, and healthy land and water. Addressing invasives species offers a way for students to take some small actions that can make a big difference in their local community.

Hands-on specimens and resources are available. Teachers in Washington, Oregon, and California can borrow a limited number of suitcases packed with preserved aquatic invasive specimens and other materials to help their students work through these lessons and other aquatic invasive species learning activities.