Tsunami Quests are a unique, experiential way to practice evacuation and learn about safety.

Oregon is at risk

Oregon is at risk of experiencing a catastrophic near-shore earthquake and tsunami event. However, research shows that earthquakes and tsunamis are survivable events, and tsunami education has been credited with saving lives around the world.

Tsunami Quests are fun and engaging clue-directed hunts that help people learn about earthquake and tsunami safety at the coast. 


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"The ability to survive a tsunami hinges on at-risk individuals having the knowledge and ability to make correct decisions and act quickly.”

- National Research Council, 2011

How to Play

Follow the directions to find and collect the hidden letter clues. Along the way, learn about what to do if the ground were to start shaking. Are you in an inundation area? If so, where should you go to get to high ground? What clues in the environment can help you find your way? At the end of the walk, your collected letter clues will tell you where you find the hidden Quest Box. Sign the guest log, stamp the back of your book, and then put the box back in its hiding spot for the next person to find.

There are FIVE Tsunami Quests in the current edition of The Oregon Coast Quests Book. Try them all!
Fort Stevens State Park Tsunami Quest

Hammond, OR
Created by Fort Stevens rangers, this Quest helps visitors discover different areas of high ground near the campground area. While creating this Quest, the park acquired and installed four new tsunami evacuation signs provided by DOGAMI (Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries). See where the Quest begins * Download the directions (pdf)

Columbia River Maritime Museum Tsunami Quest

Astoria, OR
Practice walking from the riverside museum to high ground, and learn about Astoria history along the way. This Quest was made by a CRMM educator. See where the Quest begins * Download the directions (pdf)

HMSC Tsunami Options Quest

Newport, OR
If you are at Hatfield Marine Science Center, what should you do if the ground shakes? Newport 7th graders made this Quest to help others practice walking to the nearest high ground while learning about safety at the coast. While creating this Quest, HMSC acquired and installed several tsunami evacuation pedestrian signs.

In 2021, this Quest was rewritten to account for a new Vertical Evacuation Structure built on the HMSC campus, and renamed as the Tsunami "Options" Quest, since more than one evacuation option is presented.


Charleston Tsunami Quest

Charleston, OR
Where is the nearest high ground from the Charleston Marina? This Quest created by the Charleston Marine Life Center will show you the way. While creating this Quest, Coos County Emergency Management installed a new tsunami evacuation sign on Boat Basin Road. 
See where the Quest begins * Download the directions (pdf)

Bandon Tsunami Quest

Bandon, OR
A Bandon High School student created this Quest to help people learn about tsunami safety. Now that she has graduated, her teacher maintains the clues and box. This is a favorite walking field trip for Ocean Crest Elementary students!
See where this Quest begins * Download the directions (pdf)

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Oregon Sea Grant * OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center * Lincoln County School District * DOGAMI * Oregon State Parks * Charleston Marine Life Center * Columbia River Maritime Museum * Bandon School District