Oregon sits near the seismically active Cascadia Subduction Zone. The geologic record tells us that this subduction zone has caused massive, localized quakes and tsunamis at fairly regular intervals.

Working with state and federal agencies and organizational partners, Oregon Sea Grant is helping prepare coastal communities for seismic disasters. We even came up with the now-familiar blue and white Tsunami Hazard Zone logo seen on signs along the Oregon Coast Highway and worldwide.

Pat Corcoran, Sea Grant Extension Coastal Hazards

Patrick Corcoran is a coastal hazards outreach specialist based in Astoria, Oregon. The primary chronic hazards along the coast are related to storm caused erosion and flooding. Oregon's primary catastrophic hazard is the Cascadia Subduction Zone which generates giant earthquakes and tsunamis. He collaborates with local stakeholders and university researchers, public agencies and government officials to build community resilience to a range of coastal hazards in Oregon.

Cait Goodwin, STEM Communication and Quests

Cait works out of the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport. She helps communities learn about tsunami preparedness through the tsunami quests, which are clue-driven scavenger hunts.