Oregon sits near the seismically active Cascadia Subduction Zone. The geologic record tells us that this subduction zone has caused massive, localized quakes and tsunamis at fairly regular intervals.

Working with state and federal agencies and organizational partners, Oregon Sea Grant is helping prepare coastal communities for seismic disasters. We even came up with the now-familiar blue and white Tsunami Hazard Zone logo seen on signs along the Oregon Coast Highway and worldwide.

We are currently conducting a job search for an Assistant Professor of Practice—Coastal Hazards.

The person in this position will work to increase the resilience of Oregon communities to the impacts of climate change and coastal natural hazards (e.g., coastal erosion, coastal flooding, landslides, earthquakes, and tsunamis). This faculty member connects university researchers and coastal decision makers in an ongoing educational process to better understand the physical processes of coastal natural hazards and their likely impacts on people, infrastructure and the environment. This faculty member engages local stakeholders to better understand and assess the local impacts of climate change and coastal hazards, and to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of hazards through improved practices and policies; and increases collaboration among coastal decision makers and researchers in the development of useful data and tools for monitoring, managing, and adapting to coastal natural hazards. See posting #P04997UF for full details. Closes December 12, 2021.

Community resources

  • NEW Earthquake and Tsunami Community Disaster Cache Planning Guide - A community disaster cache is a stock of supplies designed to support a local population in its response to a disaster. This guide goes through the design, implementation, maintenance, and deployment steps needed to develop a successful and sustainable cache.




Cait Goodwin, STEM Communication and Quests

Cait works out of the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport. She helps communities learn about tsunami preparedness through the tsunami quests, which are clue-driven scavenger hunts.