Girls look at aquatic insects
Oregon Sea Grant program teaches students how to collect data about the health of waterways
Students deploy equipment
Five students and three teachers helped OSU scientists on the Oceanus collect data on marine mammals and seabirds
Kai Parker, Malouf Scholar, looking at computer screen with estuary data
An Oregon Sea Grant scholar is creating computer forecasting models to answer that question
Amanda Gladics, Oregon Sea Grant Extension Agent
Astoria-based OSU grad to address challenges facing fishermen
Photo of 2016 Oregon Sea Grant Knauss Fellow Laura Ferguson, at work in her office at NOAA in Silver Springs, Maryland.
Laura Ferguson helps NOAA investigate how a changing climate will impact protected species such as whales and sea turtles
Photo of some of the devastation resulting from the 2010 tsunami in Chile
Computer model takes into account human behavior and decision-making during emergencies
Photo of signs advertising fresh-caught crab and Chinook salmon on a dock in Newport, Oregon.
Free tours in 2016 to take place every Friday from July 15 to Aug. 19 in Newport
Photo of bridge in Coos Bay, Oregon.
A narrow offshore shelf, a dredged ship channel and fresh river water combine to keep the bay flushed, but that could change as the climate warms
Bags of oysters are strapped to different amounts of empty oyster shells in Netarts Bay as part of a research project
More than 80 percent of respondents from the west coast shellfish industry are convinced that ocean acidification is having consequences.
A gavel and the "scales of justice" symbolize the U.S. legal system.
A University of Oregon law professor and his students looked at case studies involving the transportation of liquefied natural gas and coal in Coos Bay and Boardman, respectively.
Photo of a group of people talking on the beach
Laura Ferguson concluded that scientists should not only ask stakeholders for feedback but also involve them in the research from the beginning
Title screen from the Oregon Sea Grant video "Documenting the Drought: Mitigating the effects in Oregon"
New videos from Oregon Sea Grant show how certain business practices, farming techniques, and riparian management strategies can help ease the impacts of drought on the coast, in southeastern Oregon, and on Mt. Ashland.