"The OASE Internships are a fantastic opportunity for students to take on a practical project and to deliver meaningful results in a cohort of other students. It is a wonderful bridge for applying science and engineering as students move from academia to the challenges of the workplace."

– Lauren Heine, Northwest Green Chemistry

"Columbia Sportswear was fortunate to participate on the 2018 OASE internship program. Our intern, Jensen, was proactively working on projects that we needed to get full attention to make them possible. We recommend participating on this great internship opportunity."

– Blas Delascio, Columbia Sportswear

"Our summer intern was focused and smart, her collaborative work style gleaned relevant information from within and outside the company. She produced an excellent final document that will be useful to us - and to other companies, we hope - for years to come."

– Shauna Alexander, Stumptown Coffee Roasters

It was rewarding to be able to identify a project, select a student and see it through to completion. Sometimes in the sustainability field it can be difficult to see certain projects through to completion due to many constraints (such as time, budget, and expertise), but the OASE program allowed us to turn a vision into a reality, which will improve our own company's and other similar companies' sustainability operations.

– Karen Lickteig, Nossa Familia Coffee 

The OASE intern was extremely helpful and supported our organization in defining and building the step by step procedures to becoming more sustainable in our lifestyle and practice.”

– Two Foxes Singing, AntFarm Cafe 

"Our experience with our intern and OASE has been excellent. It has provided us with additional knowledge and opportunity to improve or continue our goals of sustainability."

– Chris Williams, RiverBend Materials

"The OASE intern program allowed us to specifically focus on sustainability initiatives and provided a foundational analysis and roadmap for our zero-waste to landfill goal!"

– Megan Edmundson, STANLEY Infrastructure

"Having an intern dedicated to researching the environmental implications of our food recovery program was very helpful in taking the necessary steps to reducing our impact."

– Athena Petty, New Seasons Market

The OASE program provided great value to our business by maturing and accelerating several pollution prevention projects. I was very impressed with quality of intern and the overall process, great value to the business and an even better development experience for student engineers. We will most certainly apply for this grant funded position next year.

– Travis Skidmore Sr., The Boeing Company