Oregon Seafood

Discover the many different types of seafood (PDF) harvested in Oregon. These local foods can be used in a wide variety of recipes and are tasty substitutes for seafood shipped from further away. Use the map and business listings below to find seafood caught or grown in Oregon. Search for recipes, or share your own using #EatOregonSeafood.

Oregon's Catch is sustainable

Oregon's fleet consists of independent, family businesses who have chosen fishing as a way of life. Many have set out on Oregon’s coastal waters for generations. They work closely with scientists and managers to make sure the fishery is sustainable for generations to come.

Different ways to get Oregon seafood

Order online

Many companies will now deliver seafood right to your doorstep, or you can order online for pick up. Some offer fresh seafood, and many offer flash frozen, vacuum-packed seafood that is easy to store at home and convenient to cook on your timeline.


Grocery stores and seafood markets

The easiest place to find Oregon seafood is at your nearest grocery store or seafood market. Ask your fishmonger, or look for labels that indicate where the seafood was caught. The freezer case and canned seafood aisle also have great options. This video shows how to select high-quality fish in retail markets.

Directly From Fishermen

Purchasing seafood directly from fishermen can be a bit intimidating at first, but it is pretty simple once you try it. Learn what types of seafood you can buy and how it works with this short videowebpage, or attend a 'Shop at the Dock' tour in Garibaldi or Newport. When salmon and steelhead are running (PDF), you can buy directly from tribal fishers in the Columbia River Gorge. The Fleet Is In lists vessels that sell tuna off the docks in the summer. Call ahead before heading to the docks or the river to find out whether the boats are in and the seafood you want is available. 


Oregon seafoods to try


Dungeness crab and cold water shrimp are often sold pre-cooked and ready to eat. You can dig into the challenge of cracking your own Dungeness crab or purchase just the crab meat. It's a tasty treat either way. Cold water shrimp, locally called 'pink' shrimp, are easy to add to salads, sandwiches, or other quick meals because they come already cooked and peeled. Watch a video about how shrimp are caught and processed.

Shellfish and Sea Vegetables

Oysters can be purchased live in the shell or “shucked” out of the shell and cleaned. Oysters are delicious baked, steamed, breaded and fried, grilled, or even raw on the half shell. Oregon also has an emerging sea vegetable aquaculture industry, growing dulse and other seaweeds. Learn more about oyster growing and harvesting operations

Mild, white fishes

Many different species of mild, white fish are caught off the Oregon Coast in sustainably managed fisheries. Look for rockfish, ling cod, petrale and dover sole to pan fry, use in recipes like fish tacos, or any other recipe that calls for white fish. Learn more about how these groundfish species are processed into fillets, perfect for your plate.

Bolder flavors

The bolder flavors of wild salmon, black cod, and albacore tuna come from a higher oil content - and that means they can be higher in healthy omega-3 fatty acids too. Try this riff on cedar planked Chinook (King) salmon (PDF) while learning about how wild, troll-caught salmon are harvested. Black cod can be used in a variety of dishes, from ceviche (PDF) to bouillabasse (PDF). Or check out this video about fishing for albacore tuna and then make this albacore tuna conserva salad (PDF) at home.

Enjoy Oregon's seafood bounty - fresh or frozen

Many types of fish and other seafood are caught fresh (PDF) on the Oregon coast throughout the year or frozen soon after they are caught. Recent OSU research showed that most consumers like the taste of frozen seafood just as well as fresh - and sometimes even prefer it. That's good news because it means that you can find excellent quality seafood any month of the year - and have more options to store it at home. 

We also have resources on how to safely freeze seafood at home, smoke it, or can it for long-term storage.