Training and Facilitation for Business and Individuals


Workforce Development from the Sustainable Coastal Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Program

The free courses below are helpful to those who work with locals, travelers, and tourists. They include lots of local information and resources to share with guests. Any of these courses can be completed online from your workplace on your schedule. Participants earn certificates of recognition.

There are two ways to register for courses

+ CLICK HERE to register for any course

+ Or for guide training go to and look under Guide Certification.

GORP GUIDE TRAINING PROGRAM is for experienced and aspiring guides and outfitters to help elevate the value of guide services to the public. This course provides fundamental knowledge that is universal to all guiding services and region-specific content that guides can share with their guests. Find out more about the GORP Program at Complete the entire program in approximately 12 hours. FIND A GORP GUIDE on This website includes a directory for the public to connect with GORP-certified guides across multiple disciplines and around the state of Oregon. Share this website with locals, travelers, and tourists when they are looking for professional guides.

KNOW YOUR COMMUNITY ON THE SOUTHERN OREGON COAST (KYC) course is for those who work with locals, travelers, and tourists. KYC presents recreation opportunities and local businesses located in the 15 communities of the Southern Oregon Coast. This course will help you deliver great quality customer service! You can earn a certificate for one community, all communities in one region, and/or all regions on the South Coast. Complete each community in approximately 20 minutes.

OREGON MARINE RESERVE AREA TRAINING PROGRAM (MRTP) is for those who work with the public along the Oregon Coast, especially volunteers who are involved with the marine reserves and local guides/tour operators. This course presents fundamental knowledge about Oregon's system with the option to take specific courses for each of the five reserves along the coast. Complete each course in approximately 30 minutes.


TRIVIA GAME - OREGON MARINE RESERVE AREAS is for those who work on the coast to share this game with locals, travelers, and tourists. Anyone can play this 5-question game. No registration is required.


PRACTICAL CUSTOMER SERVICE is for those who work directly with the public. This course provides a refresh of basic skills necessary for providing quality customer service. Complete this course in approximately 20 minutes. No registration is required.


Below is a List of Online Training Courses (19 Courses, plus many Video Lessons/Programs and Resources)

GORP Guide Training Program – Guide & Outfitter Recognized Professional (Expanding to multiple states with Federal Grant in 2021)

  1. GORP Global
  2. GORP United States
  3. GORP Oregon
  4. GORP Coastal Oregon
  5. GORP Global Spanish
  6. GORP Oregon 4-H

Customer Service

  1. Practical Customer Service

Know Your Community Program (KYC) – 15 Communities so far, bundled into 4 Courses

  1. KYC Region 1 South Coast (Brookings, Gold Beach, Port Orford, Agness, Langlois)
  2. KYC Region 2 South Coast (Bandon, Coquille, Myrtle Point, Powers)
  3. KYC Region 3 South Coast (Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston)
  4. KYC Region 4 South Coast (Lakeside, Winchester Bay, Reedsport)

Public Lands/Waters Recreation Resource Education

Oregon Marine Reserve Area Training Program (MRTP)

  1. MRTP System Overview
  2. MRTP Cape Falcon – Manzanita
  3. MRTP Cascade Head – Lincoln City
  4. MRTP Otter Rock – Depoe Bay
  5. MRTP Cape Perpetua – Yachats
  6. MRTP Redfish Rocks – Port Orford
  7. Oregon Marine Reserve System Introduction TRIVIA Game Online

Please contact us you are also interested in assistance with any of the following:

  • Individuals interested in starting a tourism business
  • Community representatives interested in utilizing and/or improving the impacts of tourism in their community, especially nature-based/outdoor recreation focused tourism.
  • Volunteers
  • Forestry, farm and ranch owners interested in guest operations (Agritourism)
  • Agency staff Interested in public visitation/tourism programming and management