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  • Innovative and promising practices in sustainable tourism - This volume provides an opportunity for academics, extension professionals, industry stakeholders, and community practitioners to reflect, discuss and share the innovative approaches that they have taken to develop sustainable tourism in a variety of different contexts. This volume includes nine cases from across North and Central America, reaching from Hawaii in the west to New England in the east and from Quebec in the north to Costa Rica in the south. Case studies are a valuable way to synthesize and share lessons learned, and they help to create new knowledge and enhanced applications in practice. There are two primary audiences for this volume:
    • faculty and students in tourism-related academic programs who will benefit from having access to current case studies that highlight how various stakeholders are approaching common issues, opportunities and trends in tourism
    • extension agents and practitioners who will gain important insights from the lessons learned in the current case study contexts.

      Download Volume 1 in its entirety - Edited by Nicole Vaugeous, Miles Phillips, Doug Arbogast and Patrick Brouder






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Tourism Networks

National Extension Tourism Network

Mission: The mission of the National Extension Tourism Design Team is to enhance sustainable tourism development nationally by providing relevant research, training, resources and networking opportunities in tourism and recreation marketing, management and development for Extension and tourism professionals.

Origin: The National Extension Tourism Design Team (NET) was originally created in 1994 as one of four national Extension focuses under the Communities in Economic Transition Initiative.


Oregon State University-Cascades (Bend, OR) Degree Programs


Oregon South Coast Regional Tourism Network

There are many ongoing tourism development and marketing activities in the region. Stakeholders in the region have organized to communicate and work together in the form of a network.

This is called the Oregon South Coast Regional Tourism Network and a website has been created by network members to share information.


Oregon Coast Visitor Association

Visitor Information and Industry Resources

On this Industry Resources page, we’ve assembled the most current and relevant resources in running a tourism business on the Oregon Coast.  These information resources and tools will help you understand who travels to the Oregon Coast, why they travel and what their spending behaviors are once they get here.

Other resources include our industry calendar where you can find professional development opportunities as well as when and where important and fun industry planning meetings are!  Please join us at them and share your thought and creativity in helping us build a vibrant tourism industry that improved the livability of our coastal communities while offering unique world-class experiences that keep our visitors coming back.


Travel Oregon

The Oregon Tourism Commission, doing business as Travel Oregon, is a semi-independent agency created by the Oregon Legislature in 2003 to enhance Oregonians’ quality of life by strengthening economic impacts of the state’s $11.3 billion tourism industry.

The Travel Oregon staff develops and implements a biennial strategic marketing plan which includes advertising and marketing, publication development, cooperative promotions, consumer fulfillment, public relations, international marketing, tourism product development, State Welcome Centers, research, and industry relations. Travel Oregon cooperates extensively with local communities, industry associations, government agencies, and private businesses in the implementation of its strategic plan.

The Oregon Tourism Commission, a nine-member board appointed by the Governor, governs the Travel Oregon staff and its programs; the agency is funded by a 1.8% statewide transient lodging tax.