The Aquatic Animal Health Program (AAHP) supports various captive aquatic animal stakeholders including the aquarium fish industry, research enterprises, aquaculture, and educational institutions in domestic and international settings.

    Aquatic Animal Health

    The primary role of the AAHP is to provide outreach and training so these aquatic animal stakeholders can strive to maintain the highest quality of animal health, husbandry and welfare.

    Follow the work of our Aquatic Animal Health Program and learn about the Aquarium Science Program at Oregon Coast Community College.


    Tim Miller-Morgan, Aquatic Veterinarian, Sea Grant Extension

    Tim is Oregon Sea Grant’s aquatic animal health veterinarian. He is responsible for the aquatic animals at the HMSC and is affiliated with the Oregon Coast Community College’s Aquarium Science Program.

    Colleen Hill, Senior Aquarist, Hatfield Visitor Center

    Colleen is the chief aquarist responsible for coordinating the care of aquatic animals at the Hatfield Visitor Center.

    Sid Stetson, Research Aquarist, Hatfield Visitor Center

    Sid is an aquarist who works with the care of aquatic animals at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and works closely with student aquarists from various programs.