people on river in a kayak and on a paddle board
This information is for Sea Grant staff and others who wish to evaluate the online presence of outdoor recreational tours and other guided-experience businesses.
This case study explores how to add value to regional ocean condition forecast information by bringing awareness to the processes that govern decision-making and outcomes within the system.
Dozens of tiny New Zealand Mudsnails are placed around a dime to show their size.
This sign warns boaters about invasive New Zealand Mudsnails and the places the mudsnails can be found in boats and gear.
The purpose of this study is to understand how NOAA West Watch's content is used, by whom, and how the process of delivering the tool might be improved.
Crew members on the Delma Ann haul in a crab pot and hit it against a banger bar to force the crustaceans out of the pot. Because of a fisherman's suggestion, researchers are looking for ergonomic banger bars.
This case study finds a need to transform short-term regional ocean condition forecast information into useful data products for a range of end users, considering their perceptions of uncertainty and risk associated with these forecasts.
This study provides insight on ways to effectively communicate policy-relevant information about the deep sea to an audience that has little to no prior knowledge of the ecosystem, yet who will be responsible for making use decisions of this habitat.