A rocky island on the Willamette River on a clear day.
Researchers review hydrologic, geomorphic, ecologic, and social conditions in the Willamette River basin through time—including pre-settlement, river development, and contemporary periods—and offer a future vision for consideration.
beach grasses by ocean
Researchers found data from wind tunnel experiments indicate there is a spatial lag from the canopy leading edge to a downwind location where sediment deposition first occurs.
Long frons on bull kelp waves in an underwater exhibit at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The bull kelp grows in long vertical strands. Fish swim between them.
This report is a comprehensive analysis of the seaweed industry in Oregon and the emerging possiblities for the local economoy and environment.
picture of flood warning sign at the beach with waves crashing into a building
This article highlights a few of the programs and tools that Oregon Sea Grant has developed and challenges readers to join the effort to increase resilience throughout the nation.
This study focuses on the EPA's Safer Choice standard, a certification program that validates specific cleaning products.
A teenager sits at a desk outside with a computer.
This article reports how the Journey for Aspiring Students Pursuing Ecological Research program uniquely integrates research with STEM education.