Miranda Gray
Based in Gold Beach, Miranda Gray will help people understand coastal water issues
Quest book on rock
Compiled by Oregon Sea Grant, the book contains 30 clue-directed 'Quests' in 7 counties
gray whale forages off coast
Funded partly by Oregon Sea Grant, the study looked at zooplankton and whale poop
juvenile black rockfish
Oregon Sea Grant-funded researcher finds that some grew faster as the temperature rose
humpback whale
Climate and ocean conditions seem to be the main drivers of risk of entanglement in crab gear
Felicia Olmeta-Schult smiles for the camera
Felicia Olmeta-Schult was previously Oregon Sea Grant’s resilience fellow
Yaquina Bay Bridge
Partly funded by Oregon Sea Grant, the study analyzed 18 locations individually and together as a regional network
A top down view of a mosquitofish swiming in the water. It has a small gold and silver body with darker lines along its scales.
If the fish escape, they can eat other insects, amphibians, zooplankton and native fish
Sun shines on Klamath River
Researchers to partner with local tribe, study water quality
Crab pots are stacked on a boat.
Research will include crabs, sea urchins, oysters and skates
Karina Nielsen
Karina Nielsen earned a Ph.D. in zoology from OSU in 1998
A gray whale surfaces near a boat.
IndividuWhale.com was funded partly by Oregon Sea Grant