Carla Schubiger points to oyster larval images on a computer screen.
Research results suggest that probiotics are effective at preventing bacterial infections in oyster larvae and can significantly improve their performance using a single application early in their development.
Sea stars cluster on a rock with sussles at low tide.
This dissertation studied ochre sea stars, Pacific oysters and red abalone.
On a rocky shore, a large bull Steller sea lion sits in the foreground with its face upward. Around it sit smaller female sea lions.
Black rubber bands were the most common neck-entangling material, followed by plastic packing bands.
Mesh panel covered in mature dulse
Researchers grew a clonal strain of red macroalga on immobilized mesh panels in a raceway pond and achieve high density. They also measured the CO2 uptake in real time and the cumulative CO2 capture over 23 days.
A pile of Pacific oyster shells.
This video explains how scientists use probiotics to protect oyster larvae against the pathogenic bacteria Vibrio coralliilyticus.
A tsunami evacuation sign in a residential neighborhod.
This study calculated how long it may take roads and bridges on Oregon coast to open after and earthquake and tsunami.