Factsheet highlighting the impact of Oregon Sea Grant for 2017-18
This chapter focuses on the interactions and potential conflicts between the ocean energy (OE) sector and other users of the sea, as the incumbent OE section increases the demand for space within the marine landscape.
Researchers use high-speed videography to better understand the filter structure, hydrodynamics and animal behavior that affect the feeding selectivity of Oikopleura dioca.
Slide presentation on ocean acidification and hypoxia science given by Dr. Francis Chan at the 2018 Oregon OAH Council Meeting
This project integrated research and outreach regarding gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) behavioral response to vessels, and translated results into community-developed vessel operation guidelines.
Tents set up at the beach for the end of the Hood to Coast run and end celebration
This report provides summaries of the opinions of hotel/lodging and coastal visitor-​industry representatives on issues and priorities related to workforce training and education.