what's fresh and when flyer for the Oregon central and north coast
This is an easy reference guide on what seafood is fresh and when on the north and central coast of Oregon for 2019.
harbor porpoise swimming in the ocean
Passive acoustic monitoring was used to investigate the spatial and temporal variations in the locations and foraging activity of harbor porpoises off the Oregon coast from May through October 2014.
This material is a comprehensive high school curriculum on ocean acidification's cause, impacts and solutions.
Anika Sarkar
Confluence is a newsletter of Oregon Sea Grant. Articles feature the supported research and events of the program.
This video is about coring on the Salmon River Salt Marsh in Oregon.
Kai Parker, Malouf Scholar, looking at computer screen with estuary data
This study addresses the limits of probabilistic flood hazard assessment with the development of an emulator which replaces the simulator with a statistical representation that is able to rapidly predict estuarine variables relevant to flooding.