Skeletons at the Visitor Center


The next time you go to the Hatfield Visitor Center - LOOK UP!

The Visitor Center is home to six fully articulated marine mammal skeletons - many of which were assembled by our talented volunteers. Follow the links below to learn more about each of these amazing marine creatures.

Pictured left are members of the Bone Group, who volunteered their time and talents to assemble these creatures. Interested? Learn more about volunteering at Hatfield and the Visitor Center.

You can find other marine mammal skeletons and bones around the Hatfield campus, including a Minke skeleton on display outside the entrance of the Guin Library. There are also whale bones in the flower beds outside the Visitor Center entrance.

COMING SOON: A really big skeleton skeleton of a blue whale will make Hatfield its home. It is currently being assembled out of state. Click here to watch a video of the work in progress.