There are many ways for homeschooling families to learn at the Hatfield Visitor Center. You can explore the Visitor Center's exhibits on your own, attend one of our public programs, arrange a private class for your homeschool group and attend Homeschool Day events in the fall and spring.

Spring 2024 Family Homeschool Events

Registration Open

The Oregon Sea Grant Marine Education Program will be hosting several exciting, hands-on homeschool events at Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport this Spring. We will be offering a variety of age-specific programs and we kindly ask that you review the options listed below and determine the program that works best for your child’s age. Space is limited for each program, so mark the registration date on your calendar to ensure you get your 1st choice of programming. 


  1. Drop off Programs for students ages 12-18, and
  2. Family Programs for students ages 4-12 with their parents/guardians (two dates!)


  • Cost is $25 per person (adults and children). All program fees are due two weeks prior to the program (by Feb 23 for Fish Frenzy and by March 8 for Water, Water Everywhere).
  • Each event includes 2-3 hours of hands-on STEM-themed activities, a break for lunch, craft time, and visitor center exploration.
  • Drop off Program, 10am - 2:30pm 
    • March 8 (students only, ages 12-18)
    • Topic: “Fish Frenzy”
      Parents/guardians will register their child for their age specific track, either the track for ages 12-14 or the track for ages 15-18. Programming will be targeted to these age ranges. On the day of the program, parents/guardians will drop off their child to engage in activities with their peers and pick them up upon program completion.
  • Family Programs,10am - 2:30pm
    • March 22 or March 25 (families with children ages 4-12)
    • Topic: “Water Water Everywhere”
      Parents/guardians will register their family together for one of the program dates and will participate in activities as a unit. Parents/guardians will be required to accompany their child(ren) for the entire program.
  • IMPORTANT REGISTRATION TIPS. Please review our program-specific registration instructions below prior to registering:
    • For Parents/Guardians registering for Fish Frenzy: Please select and register the child you would like to participate (they should be listed as your dependent on the first tab of the registration) - REGISTER for March 8.
    • For Parents/Guardians registering for Water, Water Everywhere: Please register an adult/guardian first (who will serve as the primary adult). You will have the opportunity to add all additional adults and children individually as you progress through the registration process - REGISTER for March 22; REGISTER for March 25.
    • Registration will close two weeks prior to the scheduled event.
    • If your preferred program fills quickly, please add your family to the waitlist and we will contact you if a space opens.. 
    • Please note, our credit card payment site shuts down on a monthly basis for updates.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that program fees are fully refundable if cancelation notification is sent to the Marine Education Coordinator ([email protected]) two weeks prior to the program date. Registration fees are non-refundable if cancelation occurs less than two weeks in advance with limited exceptions granted on case by case basis.
  • Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Do I need to accompany my child during the homeschool event? Only students participating in the Water Water Everywhere event are required to accompany their child during the event. 
    • Can I register my student for more than one class? We are trying to reach as many homeschool families as we can. If your child meets the age requirements and you are interested in registering for more than one event, please contact the Marine Education Coordinator ([email protected]; 541-867-0233) and we will add you to a separate list. If space allows, you will be contacted closer to the registration close date of the desired program. 
    • Can my older child participate in the classes alone? Yes! We are offering an event for students ages 12-18 on March 8th (Fish Frenzy) that requires students be dropped off for the event.

Age-Specific Homeschool Events

Friday, March 8th, 10 am - 2:30 pm
Registration Opens January 10th @ Noon - REGISTER!
COST: $25 per student

During this in-person homeschool program, families will engage with Oregon Sea Grant Marine Education staff and explore the internal and external anatomy of fish while also learning first-hand how fisheries scientists age fish. Please note that this is a students only program targeted to students ages 12-18. Parents/guardians will register their child and drop them off and pick them up on the day of the program.

Hands-on Activities Include:

Fish Dissection - Students will learn how to properly dissect a fish, learn the ins and outs of their anatomy, and discover interesting intricacies of how fish survive and thrive in their watery habitats.

Otolith Rings and Things - Students will use microscopes, polishing equipment, among other tools to learn how scientists age fish. Just like rings in a tree, fish have rings to count to tell us their age. Real fisheries scientists from Hatfield Marine Science Center will show us the magic behind this special process.

Visitor Center Exploration - Students will have the opportunity to explore the visitor center during our program. All visitor center fees are included in the registration fee. Families are also welcome to explore the visitor center after picking their child. The admission fee is $5 per person (ages 5 and above) and the visitor center is open until 4PM.

Friday, March 22nd OR Monday, March 25th, 10 am - 2:30 pm
Registration Opens January 10th @ Noon - please only register for one date
REGISTER for March 22 OR REGISTER for March 25
Registration closes on Friday, March 8th
COST: $25 per person (adults and children)

During this in-person homeschool program, families will engage with Oregon Sea Grant Marine Education staff in a variety of hands-on activities that explore the magnificent properties of water. Please note that this program is targeted to families with students ages 4-12. Parents/guardians will register their family as a unit and also participate in activities as a family unit. Parents/guardians are required to accommodate their child(ren) throughout the entire program. 

Hands-on Activities Include:

Water Cycle Bracelets (families with predominantly youngers, ages 4-8) - After listening to a book about the water cycle, families will work together to create beautiful, colorful water cycle bracelets using different colored beads that represent the different stages of the water cycle. 

"Sticky"  Experiments (families with predominantly older, ages 8-12): Participants will use the process of science to explore the “sticky” properties of water. How many drops of water can you fit on a penny before the water flows off the sides? There is only one way to find out - by adding one drop at a time!

The Power of Water (all families) - This hands-on activity will display water’s power of erosion on a landscape. We will work in groups to create a three-part erosion experiment using 3 liter bottles, each with different substances that mimic different habitats and environments which water travels through. As water moves through these bottles, it will drain into a collection receptacle and we will compare and contrast the different water clarity. 

Crafts and Visitor Center Exploration (all families) - All families will have the opportunity to engage in water cycle-themed crafts! Materials for other crafts will be provided for participants to use on-site or families are welcome to take all materials for continued fun and learning at home. Families will also have the option to explore the visitor center at the end of our program. All visitor center fees are included in the registration fee.

General Health and Safety Expectations

We are looking forward to providing an exciting and safe learning experience for all participants. Please review the policies listed below. Parents/guardians will consent to having read these expectations during the registration process.

General Policies and Daily Expectations:

  • Face coverings and masks are welcome, but not required. We fully support participants and staff may choose to wear a face covering as a personal preference. 
  • Educators and participants will be encouraged to wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer (60-95%) often and will be required to wash their hands prior to eating lunch. 
  • Prior to leaving your home location:
    • We ask that you conduct a health check of all program participants (adults and children) for symptoms indicative of any illness prior to joining us for your programming. 
    • If any participants are experiencing any of the following symptoms, we kindly ask that your child/student does not participate in the in-person event:
      • Cough
      • Fever (over 100.4°F)
      • Chills
      • Muscle pain
      • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
      • Sore throat
      • Nausea
  • If you or anyone in your household has tested positive or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within 5 days of the program date, we kindly ask that you and your family not attend. Participants with COVID-19 symptoms should stay home for at least 5 days after illness starts and until 24 hours after fever is gone, without use of fever-reducing medicine, and COVID-19 symptoms have resolved.
  • If a participant or staff member exhibits or develops a new cough (e.g., unrelated to pre-existing conditions such as asthma), fever, shortness of breath or other primary symptoms of COVID-19 during the day/class session, they will be separated from others and sent home as soon as possible.
  • If you need to cancel, please contact the Marine Education Coordinator ([email protected]; 541-867-0233) as soon as possible and we would be happy to credit your fees for future use. Credits will not be administered for no-show participants. 

We are committed to providing fun in-person programming that maximizes safety for staff and participants. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.


Homeschool Day Parent Feedback:

"The teachers are stellar, the experiments are fresh and new, and the curriculum appeals to all our family in different ways . . . Thank you for a high quality experience. We will be back again for sure!"

"The teachers were knowledgeable, organized, focused and made the learning fun. It was an excellent day! I would definitely recommend this to other home school families!"