Lamna ditropis

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • A stout body that tapers at both ends
  • Short, cone-like snout
  • First dorsal fin originating over or in front of the axil of the pectoral fin
  • Caudal keels
  • Color dark bluish-gray to bluish-black above, white below, with dark blotches on the underside

Habitat: From close inshore to deep oceanic waters and from the surface to a depth of 1,230 feet; found in subarctic and cold-temperate waters

Size: To about 10 feet

Note: Known to hunt in groups of 30 to 40, this shark is a voracious predator of salmon.

This video contains quick facts about salmon sharks, a voracious cold-water predator that is often mistaken for the great white shark. (Source: Deep Marine Scenes)